How does the quality of political candidates’ websites correlate with campaign success?, a micro-site my good friends at New Media Campaigns have built, is conducting an on-line experiment to explore just that question. pits congressional candidates’ websites against each other race-by-race. Races can be viewed randomly or by state. I was surprised by the range of quality congressional websites have. From top notch sites in Texas' 5th to the really poor websites in Georgia's 1st they run the quality gamut. - Vote on Political Websites

After the elections have taken place the votes on websites will be tallied up and compared to election results. Should be really interesting to see what the outcome is and how strong website quality correlates with campaign success.

Within the first 24 hours over 5,000 votes have been cast. Congrats to the New Media team for getting this out the door so quickly (with a little help from the Mechanical Turk)! Go vote on the websites in your state was written (in under 2 days!) on an early version of the PHP Framework, the Recess! Framework, I’ve had my head down plugging away on the past couple of weeks. Expect blog activity to pick up as the Recess! Framework moves closer to a public release. Sign up to be notified of the release at