Running Report Card

June 2013 - October 2013

I started running back in June. In the few years past, I haven't been too active. All hack, no play.

I wanted to get in shape, but I also wanted to test out the group tracking feature of an app I've been working on, Didsum. (It's getting close to being open to the public; until then you should sign-up for an invite from that link!) It's been a lot of fun tracking with friends, family, and coworkers. I don't think I would have kept it up without it!

While on my run tonight I thought it would be cool to review my running data from Didsum and see how I've been doing.

41 Runs, 28 #withdog

Since June I've gone on 41 runs. If we toss out the month of June, it's 37 runs. June was a weak month because I was carb-loading in Italy for a couple weeks.  I've taken my dog, Krackle, on 70% of those runs. She loves it.

1 Run Every 3 Days

Over this time period, throwing out an outlier while on vacation, I'm running once every three days on average. There's a good bit of variance here, which I want to work on. My rough goal has been to run every other day. For a week I was on a Hal Higdon 5k training schedule, which bumped me to 5 days a week. I'm pretty pleased with this average, but want to avoid those gaps of 5+ days between runs. I did that 8 times this period.

Days Since Last Run

97 Miles

Being 3 miles shy of 100mi makes me wish I'd waited for one more run! It's pretty cool to see these miles add up. My first 4 runs, recorded in June, were 1.2, 1.6, 1.7, and 1.8 miles long. They all felt like death. I guess runs still feel like that, but I'm running (a little) further and faster now.

My longest run was 4.5 miles at Oak Island. It was my only point-to-point run and was a lot of fun. I ran as far as I could until meeting my friend, Bryan Deaton, who was driving in to the house I departed from. I nerd sniped him with the calculus problem of how far I'd be able to run before he picked me up in his car. He somehow got it right.

The following chart shows a 7-run trailing average plot of distance per run to smooth out the noise. It's a neat graph to see go up, but I need to step it back up! I'm liking the 3 mile range, but I wish I had a better loop around my neighborhood for it. Note to self: find one.

Distance per Run

28% Faster

It's crazy how quickly you can pick up your pace when you're getting started with running. On my third run, I ran 1.8 miles in 21 minutes, for a pace of 12:00/mi. On Monday, I ran the same roads for 2.0 miles in 17.5 minutes, for a pace of 8:45/mi. (It might just be the new running shoes I bought on Monday!)

The following pace chart is also a 7-run trailing average.

Pace per Run

If you flip between my distance and pace charts, you can see I slowed down as distance went up, but once it came back down I was moving faster than before.

First 5k Race: 26m 48s, 8:39/mi

Thanks to some friends (Thanks Annie and Nathan... and Carmen!), I had the opportunity to run my first 5k race on a whim ahead of training schedule. It was the Chapel Hill Cleft Palate Gallup and it went pretty well: I finished in 6th place amongst females aged 30-39th under Carmen Stanco's bib!

Cleft Palate Gallup with Annie and Nathan

Self-assigned Grade: B-

"80% of success is showing up."

Nice job overall, better than I would have projected myself to do in June getting started. I need to work on consistency and try to shoot for 3 miles per run. 

Goals for the next Running Report Card:

  • No periods of 5 or more days between runs
  • 100 Miles in less than 35 runs / average 3 miles per run
  • Finish averaging an 8:30min/mi pace
  • Find a good 3 mile loop
  • Read Natural Running cover-to-cover, improve form
  • Get my wife to join me on at least 1 run per week*.

*This post edited by Kris' wife.